I am not sure why it is every time the game looks easy we struggle and when it is hard the team steps up their game. La Roda came to Tenerife with clear ideas, to defend and try for a point and they managed this very well. CD Tenerife had 15 corners and not a single ball went in but there will always be games like this.Looking forward during the playoffs every team will be looking to win so this sort of play shouldn't happen.

The fans were outstanding and yet again showed up in force to watch and support the team. Almost 11,400 were there to cheer yet again and push the team on.

A point was better than nothing although we are again third after Albacete managed a win in the afternoon and Castilla won at home which moved the gap back to 6 points. That said Lugo drew and Oviedo took a pasting in Gran Canaria.
Game notes

LA RODA CF  0 (0)

 Razak; Cristóbal, Sicilia, Tarantino, Llorente; Chechu (Aridane, 71’), Marcos Rodríguez, Luismi Loro (Álvaro Zazo, 67’), Víctor Bravo (Ferrán Tacón, 53’); Kike López & Perona.

 Bocanegra; Patuso, Héctor, Chupi, Pereira; Espínola, Jesús; Pablo (Pierrick, 80’), Ortiz (Polo, 89’), Berni; & Megías (Iker Torre, 84’).
 Íñigo Azkue Otegi, fromthe Basque region. Yellow cards for local players Marcos Rodríguez (35’) & Kike López and for visitors Jesús (58’), Pablo (66’), Pereira (79’), Pierrick (88’) & Iker Torre (92’). 


The match was played in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López, with 11.360 spectators. The ground was in good condition and the morning was sunny. Pablo Sicilia, CD Tenerife, captain gave the La Roda captain a comemerative gift, as it was the first time they had visited CD Tenerife to play.

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