Down to the final 4

I haven't been here to often recently which I am really sorry about but with the shop in the north I have been spread very thinly. Not sure that is quite the right phrase but you get the idea.
It has been a great run up to now and the team is qualified for the final round in the fight for going up to segunda. Back to professional football.
This has been a long hard slog with many ups and downs but the present trainer Quique Median seems to have found a good harmony with the players and they are giving it their all. There have been comments over the season but talking to several people close to them they assure me it was much more they were lost than any other thing.
Right now we are waiting for the draw this afternoon. Although it is clear that we will play Ponferradina it is not clear who will have the home advantage and this is what we are waiting to hear.

As for yesterdays game first goal scored after one minute and then it was clear suffering was the name of he game. Tehy equalised and on we go. The crowd never stopped screaming for the team and noise came from all over the stands. Including areas where there are no fan clubs just fans who needed o support at the top of their lungs.
Talking to others I know that when that third goal finally went up on the scoreboard I wasn't the only one who shed a few tears. This has been a painful year but still inspite of everything there is hope and we are in the last 4 teams out of 80 who are left to fight.  As soon as I know more I will be back here to tell you.

Game notes


RB LINENSE   2 (2)

Sergio Aragoneses; Sergio Rodríguez, Pablo Sicilia, Tarantino, Raúl Llorente; Chechu (Luismi Loro, 77’), Kitoko, Víctor Bravo, Kike López; Perona (Zazo, 62’) & Aridane (Kiko Ratón, 80’).

Míkel Pagola; Francis, Romerito, Carlos Guerra, Gallardo (Ximo, 31)’; Juampe (Javilillo, 70’); Alberto Merino, Ismael (Ezequiel, 75’), Ocaña; Copi & David.

REFEREE Aitor Gorostegui Fernández-Ortega, from the Basque region. Sent off local player Víctor Bravo (57’),  for two yellow cards; and visitors Francis (63’) for double yellow. With a direct red  were visitors Copi & David (90’), as well as their trainer Rafael Escobar. These last three were all after the third goal for Tenerife which bought the score to 3-2. Threre were also yellow cards for visitors Ismael, Ocaña & Ximo.

GOALS 1-0: (1’) Kike López, form a pass by Perona. 1-1: (16’) David, from a pass by  Copi. 2-1: (39’) Víctor Bravo who made the most of a mistake by Pagola. 2-2: (42’) David, with a header from a free kick taken by Ximo. 3-2: (89’) Kike López, from a cross ball passed by Luismi Loro.

 INCIDENTS Played in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium with the grounds in perfect condition. On a sunny morning with a light breeze with 14.329 spectators. Teh fan club Frente Blanquiazul had an enormous Tfio which said " We support our parents club and defend our local team".

Video from Copis sending off

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