Guijelo at home

This Sunday we play Guijuelo at home. In theory this should an easy game but the little teams have caused a lot of difficulties.
Aridane and Javi Moyano are out due to accumulation of yellow cards and the blue and white coach Cervera yesterday said Guillem Martí will be starting as our forward. The other player who is expected to start for the first time this season is Sergio Rodriguez. Hopefully his patience will pay off and he will play well.
There has been a lot if talk about the financial problems the club is facing. There is no doubt in Segunda B with little income there are problems but earlier in the week the management issued a calming statement which seems to have reassured the fans. Going back up to professional football would be a great help for income. Just the TV money would change from 30,000 euros which RTVC paid this year to the 2,500,000 which was signed with Canal Plus for Segunda.
We will be in the stadium tomorrow and hope to see you then.

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