Late goal leaves Tenerife with a point

If one of the two teams deserved a win this Saturday on the cold afternoon in the Heliodoro it was CD Tenerife. The local team lead in control of the match and went up early with a goal from new player Juanjo, they had several chances to add to this. But it wasn't to be and a late goal byArzo means a point instead of the three they deserved.

The teamed by Álvaro Cervera showed yet aha ok they have the talent to play well and win. Suso had an early chance to centre but couldn't connect will a colleague. The blue and white player didn't give up and in min. 22 another ball found Juanjo and goal!!!

In the second half CD Tenerife had several shots at goal but unfortunately luck was with the away team and in play from the lads from the north of Spain Arzo scored. This led the island players to double their efforts and in the last minutes Edgar and Ayoze had several chances but when the final whistle sounded a point was the result. One of the best teams who have passed through the Heliodoro this season and although they are struggling right now I would expect to see Zaragoza make the playoff



Roberto; Javi Moyano, Bruno, Carlos Ruiz, Raúl Cámara; Ricardo León, Aitor Sanz; Suso, Juanjo (Aridane, 70’), Cristo Martín (Édgar, 83’); & Ayoze Pérez.

Leo Franco; Fernández, Laguardia, Arzo, Rico; Paglialunga (Tarsi, 70’), Cidoncha; Luis García (Ángelo, 56’), Víctor Rodríguez (Suárez, 79’), Montañés; & Roger.

Daniel Ocón Arráiz, from La Rioja. Assisted by Enrique Andrés Samper & Enrique Rodríguez Sánchez. Yellow cards for visitors Rico (60’) & Arzo (63’).

1-0 (22’): Juanjo. 1-1 (84’): Arzo.

Played in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López, in front of 7.180 spectators.

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