Changing objectives

CD Tenerife coach was quoted as saying we could go with one objective and. come back with another
Photo M.S. 

After training yesterday Álvaro Cervera gave the list of the 18 players travelling for the game against Éibar in Ipurúa.  Nano, Aridane y Rigo are new to the list. Those who are not going who  were on last weeks list are Ayoze Pérez, Borja Pérez y Alberto Jiménez.

Diego Rivas, Roberto, Bruno, Rigo, Ros, Cristo, Aridane, Suso, Luismi Loro, Carlos Ruíz, Aitor Sanz, Moyano, Ricardo, Édgar, Juanjo, Ayoze Díaz, Rivero & Nano are the players travelling

Ayoze Perez will not be travelling as ha muscle strain in his leg

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