CD Tenerife will be playing Ibarra on the 2nd of August

The club is very calm about the suposed match rigging. Not only is it unlikely to come to anything because the team had lost so many matches before but previous experience shows this is very difficult to prove.
Photo Tuero Arias

The LFP has denounced CD Tenerife and Sporting de Gijon for possible match rigging in the last game o the season this year. (perhaps somone could tell them we had already lost 6 in a row and there was now no chance of doing anything)


Espanyol will be the team CD Tenerife will play in the Trofeo Teide on the 9th of August for the Trofeo Teide in los Cuartos La Orotava.
They will also be playing Ibarra on the 2nd of August

Ängel Galvan CD Tenerife keeper still doesn't know where his future will be. The player who was on loan to Getafe and has been playing in their B team will not be returning to the capital this year and CD Tenerife have not told him what his future holds

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