Team is slowly coming together

There has been very little news around the last few days but hopefully now the team are starting to train there will be interesting theigs going on and the press will tell us all about it.

Aitor Sanz is quoted as saying this season we need to do a little better then last season

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El dorsal.com is a site made by youg journalists and is somewhat involved with the Peña Instinto Blanquiazul

Aridane Santana stated that this season will be great season with good teams, players and stadiums. That any player would be excited to come and play for Tenerife. That he is sure that other players will arrive soon.

The club has come to an agreement with Aday Benetiz that they will break the contract so he can leave.
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Central defender Borja Gómez is crazy to come and play in Tenerife. The player who is at present a Granada player has been told they don't count on him for the upcomming season.


Defender Unai Albizua Urquijo has signed for CD Tenerife for one year on loan from Athletic Club de Bilbao. He is a central defender but can also play on the right. 


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