Injured in Pamplona

Not us I was just reading about the players who are injured on the Osasuna side. They are missingJuanfran who has just been operated on for apedecitus, also Oier & Delporte and Pandiani didn't tain today as he has flu. You should never be happy about others misfortune but the less players they have available the better our chances for a win have to be.
I have a good feeling about this game. This is going to be the one we win. It ws umoured this week in the newspapers that the reason CD Tenerife didn't buy any new players was because the 10 million euros paid by the TV stations for this season has been co-opted by the Spanish tax man. This seems like a reason not to have bought anyone. It would have been better for the fans if this is true that it had been announced by the club and not leaked but the press. I think it will bring the fans together behind the players the team has and there should be more support. The CDT fans are great for this. An example would be when Sergio Aragoneses was sick last season there was tremendous cheers for Luis Garcia every time he touched the ball.

In an interview today Jose Luis Oltra said “At the begining of the season there were 38 finals and now there are only 18. osasuna is an intense team with great dynamics but we need to ignore that. We need our first away win.I see we have a strong group and we need to demonstrate that." When askd if he felt his decisions were being questioned he replied he felt "respected, supported and backed-up. I have always had faith in the team and just now I belive in them even more if that is possible. We need to look to the future."

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