Interviews with the players after the game included the following:

Sergio Aragoneses - " It is much easier when the fans support you. We believe this might by the definitive victory. It is positive that we did not receive a goal. The result shows the work of the whole team, we have stood together the whole time. Majorca are high in the table on their merits and they made the game really difficult for us but without playing a great game we managed to take control and win. This allows us to look at the future with a more optimistic view. We are all here to work. At this level there are great forwards and our game is to stop their chances. The fans went home happy with the win and the attitude of the team"

Richi Pérez - " We are confident that we can maintain this block and will see if we can go on earning points. After the 1-0 Majorca really tightened their game but we were solid in defence. We like to play well but the opponent likes to too. I was lucky to play for a while and help to secure us a victory. The fans since I arrived here have always supported team. They know that we are trying to play great football, they are concious that this was going to be a complicated year and they have supported us to the death. We tried to hold the ball, get to the opponents end and let them play in our half as little as possible. Against Majorca we played well together and this was important. Our rival is a good team who are strong but we played inteligently and managed to take the three points."

José Antonio Culebras - "This was an important game to help us move out of the zone which no team want to be in. This was good and leaves us with optimism for the future. In the first half they dominated more but they had no chances. In the second half it was more split and this is what you need to try for. You need to make the most of your chances. This was an important game and the fans were a great support. I think it was worth their time to come and watch us. I am going home happy with my work but what is really important is the team and the win. We always want to play well and hope to win. These two thoughts are fundamental to be able to cope with any situation. To manage the things which need sorting. Everything went well and we are happy. It was a great chance to play in the first division and we don't want to mess it up."

Marc Bertrán - " This was a life or death game, very important for us. We suffered like little pigs as we played against a rival who is in the Champions League zone by their own merits. Now we are in as better position and surely with this victory we can dream. We have had a bad run, in many games we have been unlucky. we played a very seerious game and managed to win. Bilbao will be complicated but we have to try and follow Mondays line and take something positive from there."

Ricardo León - " On a day like this, if you can make the fans happy, its the best of the best. Now we need to carry on fighting but today the most important thing is that the team won on this great day.”

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