Interviews after the Zaragoza game.

When Zaragoza went down two seasons ago I felt then it was an aberation. They have spent loads of money to stay up buying players left right and everywhere. In the last 15 minutes of the game last night it showed. The last 2 goals where scored by players bought in the winter break.
Last season Numancia came up and said they would buy no one new but just enjoy the season. If this was what our president had said I wouldn't be fed up now. BUT he allowed us to dream. He talked about three years and playing for the Europe league. Nothing wrong with dreaming but sometimes it needs to be followed through.
When all is said and done we will have had a year in the first division and earned 8 million euros which we wouldn't have earned without going up which will help the clubs accounts.

I have had my say and here is what our trainer and players had to say:

Jose Luis Oltra
"What hurts most is what might have been, because it is difficult to assume a loss like this one. We scored early and controlled the game. We played a good first half and inspite of that we were 0-0 at half time. I had the sensation that we could go to 2-0 in a counter attack. Our rival had no chances. But they penalty did us a lot of damage and without realising more goals arrived. In eight minutes they scored three goals. It is dificult to explain the result and that is the reality of it".

Ricardo: “The game escaped us after all our hard work. The changing room is destroyed. The team had the game under control, in front of a rival who had no chances. In an isolated play they received a penalty. But we had time to react. The second and third goals were terrible blows. We made an enormous effort to get in the lead and with nothing threw it all away. But we need to keep on trying”.

Mikel: “It is a very painful loss, a 1-3 more than clear. The 1-1 did us tremendous damage. CD Tenerife carried most of the game, but they were lucky, and that is what counts. The results say everything. After we scored we stepped back and had no more clear chances. Our rival reacted because theya re in a difficult situation too. This is why we stepped back. They were very acurate with their shos at goal”.

Juanlu: “The game got away from us in one single play. Then they made two more chances and both went in and we lost the game. We can get to the goal but have no luck when it com,es to scoring. We need to improve this. I scored a goal but it means nothing this time. We need to stay calm and try to put ourselves back together so we can move on to the next game. In the first half we should have scored we deserved to. I belive the penalty was a high price to pay as with that the whole game turned.”.

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