Gossip time

It is very quiet on the CD Tenerife front. There is no real news on the website. The club announced the shop has now finished stocktaking and has reopened. They also remember the anniversary of the team going up in 1989 20 years ago today. There was an interview with Toño Hernandez, a player at the time. He states he will never forget playing for the club and the experience of being in the team the year they went up. He is now assistant coach for the club
I have heard various rumours about the cost of the season ticket and will not repeat any more as the prices will be announced out in the next couple of days. The website has a new button to click which says abonos 09/10 but all you get when you click it is the same "Coming soon" message.
The AS also mentions the anniversary and Manolo's renewal on his contract.

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