Luna Signed for 4 years.

Ezequiel Luna is now a CD Tenerife player. Although he played last year for the club he was on loan from Tiro Federal. There had been talk form them that they would sell him else where but finally CD Tenerife and they came to an agreement and he will now play for us for 4 years. He joined the players in La Palma yesterday Thursday as soon as the contract was signed.

The 2 friendly games in La Palma will be shown on Tenerife Television on Saturday and Sunday night at 8pm on Canal 4, this is a local channel. The first game against SD Tenisca is actually being played on Friday but will be shown on Saturday and the Sunday game against Santa Cruz de La Palma will be shown later in the day.

The moving season ticket sales desk will finish in Las Chafiras today Friday and will start on Monday the 3rd in Centro Comercial Pirámides de Martiánez in Puerto Cruz. It will then be from the 20Th of August to the 5Th of September in Centro Comercial Meridiano in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. They will also have a possibility to renew season tickets in La Palma in Santa Cruz La Palma on the 12Th of August in Los Llanos Aridane on the 13Th of August then in La Gomera on the 19Th in San Sebastian and on the 24Th of August in Valverde in El Hierro

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