Training starts today

CD Tenerife return to pre season training today. The first days training will be in the teams main stadium, the Heliodoro Rodríguez López and then the rest of the week in the CIAT de Tíncer.
The weeks training is:
Martes 9:30 Heliodoro Visita presidente M.Concepción
Martes 10:00 Heliodoro Entrenamiento
Miércoles 10:00 CIAT Entrenamiento
Jueves 10:00 CIAT Entrenamiento
Viernes 10:00 CIAT Entrenamiento
Viernes - CIAT Rueda prensa J.L.Oltra
Sábado 10:00 CIAT Entrenamiento
Domingo 10:00 Los Rodeos Vuelo a La Palma (Islas)
Domingo 18:00 Barlovento Entrenamiento

La Clínica Parque, will be the new Medical centre for the team. The team and the clinic have come to a new sponsorship agreement.This is where the medical for Aitor Nuñez was done here.

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