Queues but worth it

I am sorry I haven't blogged for the last 2 days. As lots of you know we are big football fans and as CD Tenerife our local team have been promoted to the first division we have decided to buy season tickets. The sale started yesterday and as there were only a limited amount of Under 23 seats (Theses were much cheaper) I needed to go yesterday. Añadir imagen
I am not sure how many people were expected in the stadium to buy seats but there were lots more than the club expected. The desks opened at 10.oo and there had been fans waiting from the previous night. When we arrived the queue was half way around the stadium and about 300 metres inside the stadium.
This doesn't sound so much but inside the stadium they were queueing 6 deep. The photo below just shows the queue behind the seats but doesnt show how deep it was.

We were lucky at 5.45pm we entered the stadium and at 6.20pm they shut the stadium doors leaving the others outside to wait until the club had cleared the people inside. The 200 metres took a while to process. It then took 10 hours to move the 200 metres and get to the first desk. There they gave us out papers and paying then took including the queue to pay 30 mins. The lady I went with had to go at 6.45 and my son and I planned to get the bus back from Santa Cruz. at this time of night there are no more buses but on group stood near us in the queue were coming back to the south and gave us a lift. I was amazed there was no trouble. If someone tried to jump the line the people shouted but nothing else. And once you had been shouted at they went back to their position. The club gave away water at about 10.30 ish after we had been locked in a while and eventually let people out to get food. I don't know what it was like outside but there were a lot of police at one time. By the time we left at 4.30 am there were about 200 people waiting and they were eventually seen. The club worked over night to get everyone seen and the staff I talked to were tired but doing a great job. The man who did our season tickets said the most he had done in one go was 18. I only had 5 so I felt a lot better.
I am still tired but looking forward to going to the Armada Sur meeting tomorrow in the Royal Oak 2 at 7pm

I need to finish with a joke someone texted me last night.

Real Madrid fans knew that Cristiano Ronaldo would be coming to the club after Madrd signed Kaka, As everyone knows after a Brazilian you always get and itchy C***.
Sorry I couldn't resist.

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lesleyanne said...

well done in getting your season tickets
you really are football mad