Training started.

The team is training at the CIAT de Tíncer ground today.

In interviews yesterday Aitor Núñez stated that he didn't hesitate to sign for CD Tenerife as it is a historic club and that he was proud and happy for the chance to play in the first division.

Hector Sanchez said that he was pleased to be fit to be able to play for the team and that their abject was to stay in the first division.

Santiago Llorente when interviewed responded that the club was working as hard as possible to give the team the best chances this year. Of the players he talked that they were tanned, their weight seemed good ( ever a worry with holidays) and that they seemed happy and eager to train.
When asked about future signings he hoped that we will hear about Eziquel Luna within the next 72 hours and then explained that although the club would like to have the new players as early as possible the market this year was very difficult and nothing seemed to be moving. His dream is to find the best players as soon as possible.

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