First win of the season

Sorry if you were planning to warch the game tonight but I couldn't resist looking at yesterday result. A 0-3 win against Tenisca was a great start to summer training. Mikel Alonso scored the first goal and Nino the other 2. Jose Luis Oltra was pleased with the way they played and the result. Luna stated he still has a way to go with his phyisical fitness but he was pleased to play again. As he only started training on Thursday I guess it was not a surprise he was tired after the game.

It looks like Mikel Alonso's brother Xazi will be coming back to Spain so it will be interesting to watch them play against each other.
Gaizka Saizar is recovering form his injury and is expected to play again in 2 weeks.

There is still talk about N'Gal coming but Nástic have been aproached by various first division teams for him to play so we will need to wait and see. There is talk in the AS today about Román Martinez from Español being available on loan for next year. He stated he hoped he could come to Tenerife as he had been offered the chance to play on a regular basis.

Tenerife B should know in the next few days if they have a chance to play in Segunda B as the ecconomic situation of some of the other clubs should either be resolved or show up as impossible. One of the Gran Canaria teams is desperately looking for a loan to cover their debts as they couldn't raise the finance neede any other way.

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