2-0 win against NEC NIJMEGEN

The first half of the game was dominated by Tenerife. They showed great ball skills and play between the players. Manolo Martinez was the first to shot at goal after 5 mins with a long shot.
In the 14th minute Nino scored the first goal
Even at 1-0 ahead the team didn't stop fighting and nearly scored a second with a shot at goal by Saizar in the 19th minute. The Dutch team had their first chance in the 33 minute but this was saved by Sergio Aragoneses. The 41st minute saw a possible penalty (there was no possible from my point of view but it wasn't called) against Nino by Radomski. CD Tenerife maintained all their skills in the second half and dominated the game. The first shot in the second half came for a pass by Saizar to Kome which just went outside the post. In the 54th minute Belvis stole the ball form NEC and passed it to Roman Martinez who converted this into a second goal. The new played managed to give the team more peace of mind and a win to finish the pre-season.

Sergio Aragoneses; Marc Bertrán, Ezequiel Luna, Manolo Martínez, Bellvís (Pablo Sicilia, 71’); Ricardo, Román Martínez, Gaizka Saizar (Omar, 62’), Kome (Ayoze, 71’); Richi (Míkel Alonso, 86’) y Nino (Ángel, 86’).

Babos; Burzgzorg, Van Eijden (Wellenberg, 46’), Zomer, El-Akchaoui; Radomski (Kivuvu, 46’), Schöne, Davids; Fejzullahu, El Kabir (Worm, 62’) y Van Beukering (Ten
Voorde, 62’)

Yellow cards for:

Home team -Nino; visitors - El Kabir.

1-0: (14‘) Nino. 2-0: (54‘) Román Martínez.

The match was played in th
e Heliodoro Rodríguez López. The grass was in perfect condition. There were 3.817 spectators. It was a warm night.The game was the second Trofeo Ciudad de Santa Cruz. Nino received the best player prize.

It was a good night, the players played well and the fans who were there had a good time. There were shouts from the the singing area against the president and the management team. The stadium had trouble selling the seats it had as they held back all the season ticket holders seats so the fans who came had trouble to get seats in the stadium. I understand the logic of holding their seats but it was a shame. I had wanted to sit with the Armada Sur fans who were there but was told that stand was full. You can see from the video it wasn't but I understand the logic behind the ticket sellers statement. The photo above is from the singing stand and if you know any of the Armada Sur fans you might be able to pick some of them out.

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