Alfaro arrives amid the adulation of the fans

There was talk on a couple of the fan sites about who was going to meet Alfaro when he arrived back in Tenerife on Wednesday. The numbers went up and up unitl there were over 200 people in the airport to meet him.
Below is a video clip from one of the fan clubs:

The fans have had a helter skelter couple of weeks. There has been the despair of having the feeling we didn't have a good enough team to the euphoria of the last couple of days knowing that Alfaro and Dinei were coming. The talk of Marc Bertran going will I think just end up as talk as he has been made captain so I can't see the club letting him go easily.

José Luis González González the reeree for our first game has just been promoted to referee the first division. Up to now he has refed in the second division.

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