5-0 win for Tenerife

CD tenerife won 5 - 0 last night in a great game. I got lost in La Laguna and missed the first 20 mins and the first 2 goals. I arrived just in time to see the third goal by Omar. Angel scored the other 4 giving five in total. The team looked great and although it was against a 3rd division team the play was much more cohesive than the players looked against Marion. The last game I actually saw.
Armada Sur had a group of fans there who I joined and there were about 1500 fans in total The man of the match trophy was given to Angel and there were trophies for both teams.


Luis García; Aitor Núñez, Pablo Sicilia, Ezequiel Luna, Héctor; Alexis, Mikel Alonso, Ayoze, Omar Ramos; Gaizka Saizar y Ángel. También jugaron Carlos Bellvís y Rubén Rosquete.

Floro; Yona, Ángel Gil, Kámara, Santi Torres; Vladimir, Ayoze Pérez, Jotha, Toñito; Echedey y José Manuel. También jugaron Miguel Yúnes, Maikel Padrón y Miguel.

Goals scored
1-0: (1’) Ángel. 2-0: (17’) Ángel. 3-0: (28’) Omar Ramos. 4-0: (58’) Ángel. 5-0: (77’) Ángel.

The new strips will be presented on Friday (tomorrow) and will go on sale in the club shop straight after. I hope they will be on sale on the stands outside the stadium Saturday night.

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