First round game on La Sexta.

It was announced on the Zoneros website on Friday that the first game of the season, Zaragoza against Tenerife will be shown live on Saurday night at 9pm on La Sexta, an open Spanish Channel. This is a great start the the season and I am looking forward to it.
The club president stated last week that it had been impossible to organise a charter for this game so a lot of fans will not be going. The next away game is the Mallorca game which for many the flight will be too expensive but the 5th round is the Real Madrid game which is being sold by several travel agents, also as it is a cheap and easy flight a lot of people will be going on their own as well. Another easy game is the Valladolid game which you can take a flight to Madrid and drive or take the bus to Valladolid. We are going to the Real game and the Valladolid game and will keep looking for cheap flights for other games as they come up.

The club have now announced they have 13,200 season ticket holders, which is a record ammount of season tickets sold for CD Tenerife. I am sure they will get to the 17,000 they claim or as near to it as possible. Renewing season ticket holders have until the weekend of the first home game to pay for their renewal and this leaves another pay day before then. I am sure once the 1st-5th come we will see a scurry of renewals bring us up to the magic 17,000.

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