Line up for tonights game

Here is the list of the players who went to Zaragoza. These 18 players are the ones Jose Luis Oltra will decide form who will play tonight.

Keepers: Luis García & Sergio Aragoneses.
Defense: Bellvís, Marc Bertrán, Ezequiel Luna, Manolo Martínez & Pablo Sicilia.
Midfielders: Alejandro Alfaro, Míkel Alonso, Ayoze, Kome, Román Martínez, Omar Ramos, Ricardo & Richi.
Forwards: Ángel, Nino & Gaizka Saizar.

Omar our latest sigining even if it was only from Tenerife B is travellng with the team and I wish him luck even if he doesn't get to play. we wihs them all the best and hope for a win.
After the game CD Tenerife have 2 weeks to refine their game as next weekend is an international weekend and the only one of our players who has been called up is Kome.

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