New shirts and the team

The new Tenerife strips for this season were shown yesterday in the Stadium. There is little variation. Probably the biggest changes are on the third strip as the neck seems to have changed and the stripe down the side is new. The Blue shirt still has the blue cross which has been very sucessful but this year the patterened part of it is the bottom not the top as it was 2 years ago. I like the new logo which I hadn't noticed until I noticed a post about it on the Armada Sur website

The team as it stands at the moment
1 Luis A.A.
2 Marc B.
3 Héctor S.
4 C. Bellvís
5 M. Martínez
6 P. Sicilia
7 Nino
8 Ricardo L.
9 Ángel
10 Ayoze
11 G. Saizar
12 -
13 Aragoneses
14 Kome
15 Román
16 -
17 Juanlu Hens
18 -
19 Luna
20 Richi
21 -
22 -
23 Mikel
24 Culebras
25 -
26 Aitor N.

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