New week - new games

19/08/2009 20:00 Francisco Peraza (La Laguna) II Trofeo Vivir en positivo CD Tenerife-UD Lanzarote -
22/08/2009 21:00 Heliodoro Rodríguez López II Trofeo Ciudad de Santa Cruz CD Tenerife-NEC Nijmegen -

These are the two games left for the pre-season. The second game is in our home stadium and I was wondering if the season ticket holders had it included in their season ticket. So I phoned the club this morning and was informed I need to phone back on Wednesday as a decision hasn't been made yet.

Jose Luis Oltra said of Saturdays game thatthe team had more continuity and were more accurate when it came to passing the ball. That he had a good feeling about the way they played that the team was more like the one tht played last year. He was happy with the way the defence worked and the way the forwards attacked and the game as a whole was good. He felt the training in La Manga had given them the best chance for the start in Zaragoza.

Juanlu Hens has a sprained ankle and is expected to be out of the game for at least 2 weeks. This makes him a question for the game in Zaragoza which is the first game in the League. He has no substitute so it will be interesting to see who replaces him on Wednesday.

This weeks training include
Day Time Place
Monday 10:00 CIAT Training
Tuesday 10:00 CIAT Training
Tuesday 18:00 CIAT Training
Wesdnesday 10:00 CIAT Training
Wesdnesday 20:00 Francisco Peraza CD Tenerife-UD Lanzarote (II Trofeo Vivir en Positivo)
Thursday 10:00 CIAT Training
Friday 10:00 HRL Training
Saturday 10:00 CIAT Training
Saturday 21:00 HRL CD Tenerife-NEC (II Trofeo Ciudad de Santa Cruz)
Sunday - - Rest day


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