Advantages of being in the first division.

Kome has been called up by Camaroon to play in their match against Gabon on the . He will be gone from the 5th and the 9th of September. In previous years we have suffered when International players such as Kome or previously Frankowski had needed to be with their national teams for games. The second division has never stopped for international weeks but the first division does.
We will then not be missing our great player any more.

Juanlu is still injured and is not expected to play on Saturday. He is still doing physiotherapy and it is hoped he will be fit for the second game.

Ticket prices are now up on the club website and are as follows.
Tribuna - 65 euros
S.Sebastain - 45 euros
Herradura - 35 euros
Popular - 20 euros
If the wesite is to be belived there will be no cheap seats for children this year.
Below is a plan of the stadium so you can see where the seats are.

For those season ticket holders who want to change seats this will be possible after the first home game at a date that hasn't been specified yet.

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