Undeserved loss

It takes me ages to come to terms with losing especially when like this is was undeserved. They played really well and in one minute of unconcentrated play Zaragoza managed to score a goal. I am not the only person, everyone I have talked to says CD Tenerife played well and at least deserved to win. Zaragoza have spent lot of money on players, where as we have spent very little. We looked the better side.
Playing for us were:
Aragoneses, Marc Bertrán, Bellvís, Manolo Martínez, Luna, Ricardo, Román (Omar, 62), Alfaro (Ángel, 80) Kome (Saizar, 86), Richi & Nino.

Playing for Zaragoza were:
Carrizo, Ayala, Pablo Amo, Jorge López, Uche (Obradovic, 88’), Pennant (Ander Herrera, 70’), Gabi, Aguilar (Babic, 70’), Arizmendi, Ponzio & Laguardia.
Yellow cards were given to Arizmendi for Zaragoza and for us to Luna, Román, Bellvís, Manolo Martínez y Nino.

The start of the game had both sides playing very carefully watching to see how the other was going to play. Both seemed more preoccupied with not letting a goal in than actually scoring the first gol. Slowily Tenerife started to move towards the 3/4 line with the aim to score.

In the 4th minute Jermain Pennant ex Liverpool player had a shot towards the gola but Arizmendi failed to convert it into a goal and the ball went out. In the next play Tenerife counterattatcked and Alfaro shot with the ball hitting the post.

shortly after the 30 minute mark Tenerife had a clear shots at goal, first with Richi shooting a header and secondly Nino with a ferocious shot at the Zaragoza goal.

Again and again Tenerife took the ball all the way to the local teams area playing with precision and courage. Just before half time Tenerife players Alfaro and Nino missed great possible shots at goal leaving the half time score 0-0.

The first part of the second half the ball moved from one end to the other in a constant rhythm of up and down. The teams both knowing the importance of starting the league with points. They chased the ball without stopping in a constant stream of energy. Uche and Kome were always in the action and created chances where they played. Inspite of the fact Tenerife played well Zaragoza's goal came in the minute. From a play by Herrera who had just come onto the field ending up at the feet of Arizmendi who scored.

The last few minutes of the game both sets of players were tired and you could see the mistakes. there were fewer sequences of passes and the game was more choppy. It ended in a win for Zaragoza which gives them their first three points.

The Table looks interesting with Athletico Madrid who are actually playing in the Champions league last ( 1 game missing). Tenerife is 16th with no chance of being in the last 3 positions this week.

The team have also announced that they now have 14.050 season ticket holders. I would expect the figure to start to rise after Tuesday when many holders get paid.

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