Marc Bertran - happy with his position

Although there had been several teams interested in buying Marc he is staying here in Tenerife. Zaragoza had offered 2 million euros for him but were turned down by the club who are interested to maintain the block from last year and have added to it with players like Dinei and Roman.

In an interview this week Marc Bertran CD Tenerife's new captain announced that he is very happy to have been elected main captain. He stated in an interview yesterday that he was happy the club had shown maximum faith in him. He talked about the players commitment to the next game at home against Ossasuna which they are going to play with maximum effort. He also commented on the fact that the home fans are a big support in the trail to stay in the first division.

There have been over 1000 tickets applied for for the following weekends game on the 27th away against Real Madrid. The requests are high as it is an important game but also because the stadium is easy to get to from here with no flight change or long journey on arrival in Barajas.

Aitor Nuñez has a contract with the second team Tenerife B although he is expected to play for the first team. This was a technical decision which leaves the club with 4 free spaces in case they need to buy more players in the winter break. Nuñez said when he first heard he was shocked but after speaking with Santiago Llorente he understood the club's position and was happy with this.

The sale of season tickets continues both in the club and in the Centro Comercial Meridiano

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