Island Dream or Island Horror

Island Dream or Island Horror yesterday it depended which Island you came from. Mallorca had a wonderful time with a 4-0 win and Tenerife came away battered with 2 sent off and a dire loss.
Supporting a team will always bring days like yesterday when you want to go away and cry but tomorrow is another day and Wednesday's game will hopefully bring better results.

Video from Zonablanquiazul in Spanish but you can see their highlights

In his blog Colin Kirby said Defence? it’s a swear word to CD Tenerife. There is no doubt our defence needs to concentrate more and passes need to be more accurate. The game was not all bad and the second part of the first half showed some great play. There were chances from

In his interview Jose Luis Oltra bluntly said "This was a game where we were not comfortable on the field a goal was scored against us and then we had some good chances. At the start of the second half we went back out to try to play up then the next 2 goals came and we tried to row against the current. The team wasn't very accurate today. You can always find good points" he continued " This is the first division and we need to be aware of the quality of play at this level. We have had 2 good games but today wasn't like that. I didn't like the way the team started, but we reacted well to Mallorca's goal. There were 20 good minutes with chances to score. In the second half the 2 other goals really killed us and then we were 10 men and at the end we were 9

When asked about the absence of Luna and Marc Bertran for the game against Atletic de Bilbao he commented that the squad is good and there are various players who can cover these positions. He would not make a comment about the referee when asked. His final statement was that "he tries not to be affected by euphoria or pessimism. We need to correct our errors and we need to work hard."

Interview with the team members included:

Ricardo who said "it hurts to lose, the first goal affected us a lot and I think Sergio (Aragoneses) was fouled. In the second half they were clearly better and we were lucky they didn't score more then the 4 goals".

Marc said "This was a lousy result we need to try to forget it and move on to the next game" He also said he hoped the club would lodge a complaint against his red card.

Manolo said " This wasn't so good. we have good and bad points but Mallorca had a good game plan and without too much effort they beat us easily. we need to think about the game about Bilbao. We need to continue to work hard. The little details have a way of costing teams a game".

Luna was sure that the first card wasn't a yellow card he said he went for the ball clearly with no intention to foul and the second he stated that maybe he touched the Mallorca player but if so it was an accident.

Notes from the game


Aouate; Josemi, Ramis, Nunes, Ayoze; Julio Álvarez, Mario Suárez, Borja Valero, Tuni (Martí, 83’); Víctor Casadesús (Pezzolano, 57’) & Aduriz (Webó, 77’).

Aragoneses; Bertrán, Luna, Manolo Martínez, Bellvis (Ayoze, 61’); Ricardo, Román Martínez (Dinei, 54’); Alfaro, Kome (Ángel, 70’); Richi; & Nino.

Rubinos Pérez, from Madrid. Sent off Luna, from Tenerife, fro double yellow (74’) & Marc Bertrán with a direct red card (86’). Yellow cards for Aragoneses, Dinei y Borja Valero.

1-0: (17’) Mario, took advantage of a defensive error. 2-0: (51’) Aduriz, from a cross ball. 3-0: (59’) Julio Álvarez from an indecisive moment of the Tenerife players. 4-0: (87’) Webó, penalty shot.

The game was played in the Ono Estadi. The grass was in average condition, slightly hard going due to the heavy rain of the previous days. A sunny afternoon with 10,000 spectators.

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