Midweek game

Mid-week games are unusual in Spain. There is an occasional cup game, but otherwise football is generally played on Saturday or Sunday. This season in the first division there are league 4 games the whole year played midweek. CD Tenerife are playing on Wednesday at 8pm. They have a busy week and the plan looks like this.
Day Timw
10:00 El Mundialito Training
Tuesday 10:00 Heliodoro Training
Tuesday - Heliodoro List of players for game
Tuesday - Heliodoro Press interview José Luis Oltra
Wednesday 20:00 Heliodoro CD Tenerife-Ath.Bilbao
Thursday 10:00 El Mundialito Training
Thursday - El Mundialito List of players for game
Thursday - El Mundialito
Press interview José Luis Oltra
Friday 10:55 Los Rodeos Flight to Madrid (UX)
Friday - NH Abascal Stay in Madrid
Friday - Madrid Training
Saturday 17:00 Bernabéu R.Madrid-CD Tenerife
Sunday 11:45 Barajas Flight to Tenerife Norte (UX)

In an interview on Saturday evening CD Tenerife President Miguel Concepción stated that the team we have now is strong. That it is the product of all last years work with a little added reinforcement. He felt that the team can give more than they showed on saturday but stated that 14 teams in the first division are at the level that CD T
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enerife is playing. He commented again that he would work at the Federation so the times of games were at a time that corresponded with the Canarian clock not the mainland Spanish clock with the hope that in future midweek games would be at 9pm instead of 8pm.

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