Big game tonight

Tonights game starts at 8pm our time. The gates are opening at 6.30pm so everyone can get to the stadium and those of us who finish work earlier can get in earlier leaving time and space for those people who don't finish work until just before the game. Hopefully on the San Sebastian side they will have all the gates open and everyone will get to see the start of the game.
CD. I know there are season ticket holders who can't make it who have passed their cards to others so the stadium should be fairly full.
Tenerife trainer Jose Luis Oltra said yesterday in an interview that the team needs the fans tonight so I hope everyone who can will be going.
He started the interview saying "I am convinced we are going to win I have total confidence in the team. The home ground is an important factor, also the fans and we need to show that in Tenerife it is not easy to win this season." He stated that he didn't see Atletic Bilbao as a trial by fire, The players are just starting at this level and it takes time. Then he commented that he was sure they would win this game "but if not we will try for the next one" easing the pressure off the players. " The loss in the Ono Stadium was an accident and you shouldn't worry too much about it. He finished with the saying "Always try to remember, we were not so fantastic before neither are we so bad now. You need to stay calm as the season is complicated and long."

The team from Athletic de Bilbao arrived on the Island yesterday afternoon at 19.15 and are leaving on Thursday morning. They are staying in the Iberostar Hotel Mencey in Santa Cruz during their stay.

Aitor Núñez y Sergio Aragoneses were the players interviewed on Monday afternoon in the press room of the Mundialito stadium.
The defender Aitor Núñez said "We have our heads well screwed on for this game. Coming from a bad game like the Mallorca one we need to correct things so we don't make the same mistakes in the future". He followed by saying “When you don't play you have to wait but at no time have I lost the illusion to play. Every day that passes I see that I play better and am adapted to the style of play the team plays. When it was his turn to talk, Aragoneses explained in front of the journalists present that “we are looking forward to Wednesday and expect to have a good result. Our rival is a team with many class players, and because of that e need to try harder”. He continued “I don't think last weekends loss was due to euphoria or over clever attitude, as all we are looking for this year is to stay up.”

Tickets for the Madrid game can be picked up today if you have ordered them until 1pm. They are for the 4th level of the stadium which corresponds to the price Madrid are charging for on their website.

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