Big game - on the radio

The lead up to Sunday's game is exciting and suspense filled. The club will be selling the season tickets until the start of the game in the Stadium. I am not sure what other clubs do but this seems like a great thing for a fan to be able to arrive the day of the first home game, pay for his season ticket and go into the game.
The team has been working all week towards tomorrows game. Kome finally came home yesterday and was able to take part in the training session. He had travelled 14,000 Km round trip and played three minutes in the game against Gabon. Still he is home safely and uninjured. Whether he will start for us hasn't been announced.
The fan clubs are calling for fans to be there when the team arrives 2 hours before the game to greet them. Also for ticket tape bits to throw as the players come out and scarves to wave as they play. I was cutting up bits of old magazine when the girlfriend I go with explained to me they have a shredder that cuts paper into great sized pieces so I am not cutting any more and she will bring bits with her for all of us. We are planing to have lunch in Santa Cruz before the game and I am not sure I will make the teams arrival this time but there will be other games.
It has been announced that next weeks game in Mallorca will be at 5pm Canarian time on Saturday. After taht we have a midweek game and then the Real Marid away game. We are still waiting to hear which dates that game is but we have flights which leave us in Madrid from Saturday am until Monday am so either day will do.

The game will be commentated on Oasis Fm in English if you can't make it or are in the UK

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