What a win but what a scorcher.

Yesterday's game was wonderful. The stadium was full, the atmosphere was great we have wonderful seats facing the home goal near the singing bench so we can hear the Frente Blanquiazul, Armada Sur and the other fan clubs as they shout and sing. I am not sure if I have mentioned it but we are sat in the Under 23 area. This is because we get a cheaper seat for my under 23 year old son. This was a great thing the club did for the young fans and the area is full. There are families like us with older children and young people. The area is noisy and given a little encouragement will be noisier. Yesterday especially towards the end of first half there was a feeling of heat malaise that was difficult to overcome. I have never see the stands empty at half time like yesterday. Everyone just wanted to get into the shade. The club had really tried to get the time of the game changed and I hope for the next Sunday game we don't have 4pm.
Playing for Tenerife were

Sergio Aragoneses; Marc Beltrán, Manolo Martínez, Ezequiel Luna, Bellvis; Ricardo, Román Martínez (Dinei, 87’); Alfaro, Richi (Mikel Alonso, 72’), Kome (Omar, 82’) y Nino.
And for Osasuna
Ricardo; Azpilicueta, Sergio, Flaño, Monreal; Puñal, Nekounam; Juanfran (Rúper, 72’), Camuñas, Masoud (Calleja, 58’) y Walter Pandiani (Portillo, 81’)

Carlos Velasco Carballo, from Madrid. He sent off with a direct red card the Irannian Nekounam (71’), for hitting the Tenerife player Román Martínez, and with a double yellow his fellow player Monreal (47’). Yellow cards were given to Tenerife player Román Martínez (38’), and Osasuna Players Flaño (17’), Aspilicueta (32’) & Puñal (61’).
1-0: (47’) Nino scored from a pass by Ricardo over the head of a defender. 1-1 (51’) Pandiani, from a header with no one marking him. 2-1: (62’) Ricardo, with a great shot from 30 metres away.
This was the second round of the BBVA league there were approximately 18,323 spectators , and a minute silence was kept for the trainers, share holders season ticket holders, fans and their families who died during the last season and also the ex CD Tenerife player Juan Herrera.

The entrance to the game was a problem. For some reason on the San Sebastian side only 3 of the possible 5 entry gates were open causing queues and bad feeling. Some of the fans didn't get into the stands until 10 minutes after the game started. We actually got in just in time but queued for over 25 mins to enter. Hopefully Wednesday week will be better.

The game itself was great. The players played their best. We had some great shots at goal which didn't go in during the first half and then 2 great goals in the second half. Ossasuna announced that the ref was over rigorous with calls but he missed a back pass to their keeper which the keeper should not have picked up. Jose Luis Oltra said after the game that he was pleased how they played, that they they need to make better use of their chances in order not to be stressed. When asked about the time the game was played his only comment is we play when we are told but we had to eat lunch at 11.30. José A Camacho, Osasuna's trainer complained about the calls and how unfair it was to have 2 sent off.

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