Galactic game

We may be going to play the Galacticos on Saturday but for me last night Tenerife were giants. With 2 defenders missing and Ricardo going off in the 41st minute the team never did anything but fight. The Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez is becoming the fortress the fans wish it to be. The fans jumped and screamed and sang the whole game. The support even in the posh Tribuna stand was tremendous. There was an overwhelming feeling that we could win and when Mickel finally scored the goal the fans went wild. I was jumping up and down with everyone around me but one of the my friends said the whole upper floor vibrated and she was frightened what might happen.
With chances from Nino, Alfaro, Suso and the goal finally came with a free kick on the side of the goal area which was then headed in by Mikel Alonso.

Jose Luis Oltra commented that the lions on this occasion were Tenerife, he also said that the team played well and that the Tenerife players showed they can fight and overcome adversity.
Caparros, the Athletic coach commented that Tenerife deserved to win, and he hoped that during the season Athletic will have wins like Tenerife's last night.

Comments from the opposing players include from Gorka Iraizoz the outstanding Athletic keeper who said" sometime we had to lose and Tenerife deserved to win. In the first half Tenerife came out and played hard. and we needed to defend and hope for a counter attack. At the end we played for a draw and we were not lucky." Iturraspe said "Ricardo injury was a pity, and I ask him to forgive me." Gurpegi said,"We can't allow ourselves to lose like this. We came with the need to win and there are many ways to lose but a free kick in the 86th minute is unforgivable."

Game Notes
Sergio Aragoneses; Aitor Núñez (Dinei, 68’), Manolo Martínez, Pablo Sicilia, Bellvis; Ricardo (Mikel Alonso, 40’), Román Martínez; Alfaro, Richi (Omar Ramos, 60’), Kome & Nino.

Iraizoz; Iraola, Aitor Ocio, Amorebieta, Castillo; Susaeta, Iturraspe (Gurpegui, 50’), Gabilondo, Yeste; Etxeberría (Llorente, 63’) & Munian (Toquero, 46’)

Alfonso J. Álvarez Izquierdo, form Catalyuna. Yellow cards for CD Tenerife Bellvis (56’), Omar (78’) y Román (83’) and the visitors Iturraspe (35’), Susaeta (39’), Amorebieta (69’), Iraola (81’), Gurpegui (81’) y Castillo (85’).

1-0: (86’) Mikel Alonso, header, after a foul taken by Alfaro.

The game was held in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium. There were 20.622 fans. It was a warm pleasant evening.

The medical report for Ricardo says he has broken bones in his nose and has suspected fractures in his maxilla (which seems to be the bones your nose is sitting on.)He will see a plastic surgeon today Thursday and the club will make the results of his tests available later today.

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