Long week

Last week was a very long week the transfer market is closed and there was no build up to the game. Nothing really exciting happened and the stadium refurbishment hasn't really moved forward. There were international games to look forward to but thats not quite the same.
This week on the other hand is full of excitement. Our first home game is on Sunday at 4pm. I feel sorry for the team who are coming as 4pm here is very hot and this will be a home advantage all season.
The people who haven't collected their repeat season tickets up to now can no longer do it via the club web page or the Cajacanarias they now have to do it in the stadium. Up to now 15,100 tickets have peen paid for. This is 1400 more than the best ever record for the club.
the refurbishments will need to come this week if not the VIP area then at least the singing stand would be great to have seating. If you sell seats it would be good to have them in place
The photos below are from the Armada Sur fan club Forum.

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