Mallorca V. CD Tenerife

The game this afternoon is at 5pm Canarian(UK) time. It is being shown on Pay Per View on Canal Plus which we are lucky enough to have at home and although I am not sure what they are charging I am going to watch it anyway. The Armada Sur fans are going together to watch it in Suters Bar, Parque de La Reina, Tenerife.

The Club is looking for their first away points in the Ono Stadium. They are sure that the great form they have been showing until now will stand them in great stead for gaining the 3 points available in this afternoon's game.
In an interview yesterday afternoon in Los Rodeos airport Ezequiel Luna stated "we are very excited we have worked hard all week to correct the mistakes we made in Sunday's game We will be concentrating hard for the 90 minutes of tomorrows game so we won't be making any more mistakes. In this category if you make a mistake it can cost you a goal and you lose the game."
Richie said Mallorca is a good rival, they have great players and are not going to be easy to beat, we are going to the match with our game plan and expect to play well and gain a good result. We know it has been raining a lot in Mallorca but the ground condition will be the same for both teams.
Jose Luis Oltra in his interview announced “You need to keep both feet on the ground. We aren't inferior to any team, but we are not superior either. Mallorca has 2 good results so far, but we are confident the team can show their good side.”
Miguel Concepción will be at the Mallorca v. CD Tenerife game. This is the second away game the president has managed to attend.
The team will be staying at the Hotel Tryp Bellver, in Palma de Mallorca the Capital.

Dani Kome who played for Mallorca commented that "we are going with the aim to gain 3 points. We are a humble team but we are keen to show our skills and we will continue to follow the trainers instructions." He has been injured this week but stated that is the Mister called for him to play he would be enchanted to play against Mallorca
He finished his interview saying that although he didn't play many games for Mallorca during the 2006/07 season he had enjoyed his time there and was looking forward to going back to show how well he can play.

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