2-2 draw

Saturdays game was a draw the first draw of the season. It could have been better as the team played exceptionally in the first 20 minutes. But it could have been worse as well, Malaga played hard and we were very innocent in our playing.
Game details include:


Sergio Aragoneses; Juanlu Hens, Manolo Martínez, Ezequiel Luna, Bellvis; Ricardo (Ángel, 78’), Román Martínez; Kome (Mikel, 65), Alfaro, Omar Ramos (Dinei, 86’) & Nino.

Munúa; Jesús Gámez,
Stepanov, Weligton, Mtiliga; Xavi Torres, Benachour (Javi López, 46’); Obinna, Baha, Duda (Manu Torres, 87’) & Edinho (Toribio, 79’)

Eduardo Jesús Iturralde González, from the Basque lands. Yellow cards for CDT players Ricardo (21’), Bellvis (59’), Alfaro (62’) & Manolo Martínez (75’) and for Malaga players Weligton (13’), Benachour (22’), Stepanov (29’), Jesús Gámez (73’) & Baha (85’)

1-0; (17’) Play by Omar Ramos on the left side, passing various defenders, passed to Román Martínez who pushed it in. 2-0: (26’) Play by Nino in a counter attack hit away by Munúa, collected by Kome and given to Alfaro who shot it in. 2-1: (28’) Edinho pushed at the goal for a save by Sergio, after a great kick by Benachour. 2-2: (76’) Javi López shot slowly and the ball went in the net.

11th round of the
Liga BBVA, of the first Spanish league. Estadio Heliodoro Rodríguez López. 17.761 spectators. Warm afternoon, with light breeze. The Tenerife Players had black armbands in memory of ex player Erasto León, recently passed away, a minutes silence was held.

The cup tie is tomorrow night at 7pm.
Celta de Vigo actually have part of their website in English. I was looking for their travel details and was surprised by this. It is something for CDT to aim for. I am amazed when I talk to visitors how many of them follow Tenerife from their home country.
They have a great photo of the stadium on their news site here

Training for the week includes:
Agenda from 09 al 15 de November 2009
Day Time Place Activity
Monday 10:00 Heliodoro Training
Monday - Heliodoro Press conference with José Luis Oltra
Monday - Heliodoro List of Players
Tuesday 19:00 Heliodoro CD Tenerife-RC Celta
Wednesday 10:00 El Mundialito Training
Thursday - - Rest Day
Friday 10:00 El Mundialito Training
Saturday 10:00 El Mundialito Training
Sunday - - Rest Day

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