Plainful loss

That Villareal is a good team was never in doubt but they have not played very well this season so far. I had hoped this would last until after we layed them but it was not to be. A 5-0 loss hurts. There will always be games like this and they are not a direct rival but still it hurts. The internet is full of negative comments. I think fans sometimes forget it is our role to support in the good times and the bad ones. I loathe when some Spanish fans wave white hankies to show their disaproval for the players. It is games like these when we will see who supports Tenerife and who supports Tenerife a team in the first division. Next Saturday we are at home at 5pm and will need all the support we can get against a direct rival. I hope the stadium will be busy but I am sure the fans who are there will make enough noise how ever many we are.
The game stats are as follows.


Diego López; Javi Venta, Godín, Marcano, Capdevila; Cani, Bruno, Eguren, Pires (Escudero, 76'); Rossi (David Fuster, 69’) & Llorente (Jonathan Pereira, 64’).

Aragoneses; Aitor Núñez (Dinei, 56’), Manolo Martínez, Sicilia, Bellvís; Juanlu, Román, Alfaro, Ricardo, Omar; (Saiza, 83’) & Nino.

Fernández Borbalán, Andaluz. Yellow card for Llorente.

1-0: (15’) Llorente. 2-0: (47’) Pires. 3-0: (50’) Rossi. 4-0: (51’) Llorente. 5-0: (88‘) Cani.

Stadium El Madrigal. Ground in good condition. Warm afternoon. 8.000 Spectators.

Team interviews included:
Pablo Sicilia: “Now is not the moment to blame the defense, it is the moment to look forward, to make conclusions and correct errors. I don't believe the team was uninvolved, we always go out to fight, but somtimes your rival is better then you, as we saw in the second half. The wosrst was certainly the start of the second half”.

Juanlu: “In the second half we were not so good, but in the first half we deserved more. We got into the game and had chances. In the second half the goals came very quickly and we were left unable to react. They came back very strong”.

José Luis Oltra was sad for the loss suffered by the team. He lamented the good play of the players had not yet resulted in an away win. “It has been a punishment. Our rival today had the luck they have been missing up to now. We plyed well in the first half, controlling the game and we had chances. In the second half, in seven minutes, they scored three goals and the game was over. It was a pity, but we need to go on”.

When asked about the teams lack of away points, Oltra explained that “without doubt the home wins are great. Away we make a great showing but haven't yet converted that into points. We have received a lot of goals. I repeat there is nothing else but to go on”.

“In the first half we were the better team and had a lot of chances. Hoy nos medíamos ante un rival de mucho potencial, hecho para estar más arriba”, añadió.

“El equipo ha salido a competir y en el descanso hemos hablado de mejorar. We should count the first half and not the missed chances. The team went out to fight. The 2-0 came very quickly and this caused us a lot of damage. I had told the players we shouldn't receive a second goal”. He continued “This game is nothing like the game we lost in Vigo. The way we lost last Wednesday in the cup hurts me a lo more than this afternoon”.

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