Tickets for Sevilla game go on sale.

Tickets go on sale this morning for the game on Saturday. Sevilla are third in the league, but Capel is away with the under 21's and Adriano Correia has problems with his stomach muscles. We will see what is to be. Of the 14 visits from Sevilla in Tenerife CDT has won half the games.

In a Player interview yesterday Roman Martinez stated that the team wanted to gift a win against Sevilla FC to the fans.

The club has just employed ex referee from the Primera Division, Manuel Ángel Pérez Lima, to help with technical advice for the players and coaches.

The president of CD Tenerife, Miguel Concepción in an interview on Radio COPE yesterday (Tuesday) covered various points of interest. He stated that he would have liked the team to have won the round in the Copa Del Rey but it wasn't possible and now the team needs to look forward and try to reach the 45 points that we need to stay in the first division. He commented that this is not going to be easy but everyone is confident that the team will get there. He also spoke of the attempt to try to raise the number of shares that members need to go to the AGM, He stated that what they wnated to do was within company law and there would be a vote to see if thiswas what the shareholders wanted. When asked about the number of delegates he confirmed that the club was looking for a maximum of seven and a minimum of five. Lastly he talked about the timing of games he has been in meetings with the president and vicepresident of the LFP( Spanish professional football league) and now needs to talk to Media Pro representative Jaume Roures where he hopes to come to a solution which respects the Canarian time difference. He asks that they respect the times in the league and that we are not asking for a favor just that the team is treated the same as every other team.

Cristo Marrero an ex CDT player who was on the Island took the time to pass by training yesterday to visit the team and the trainers.

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