Hasta la muerte

This was the phrase I came away form the game with. After the Celta goal the whole stand was destroyed. The only sounds to be heard were a minute later from the Singing stand where this is what they sung. I don't know the whole song but these words were the ones we could hear. And they describe how I feel. The translate in this instance to Until death do us part the good times and the bad times CDT is my team. This was a bad game we had a great chance which wasn't converted into a goal. The ball came all the way up but there were almost no shots on goal and those that were near went wide.
We came away sad but as ever making excuses. " two competitions would have been too much", "We didn't pick up until after the winter break last year" and "its a shame Kome wasn't there" were heard on the walk back to the car. All those are true and there was nothing wrong with them but the game was bad. Nino is clearly nervous and it is a pity but at least he gave his all when he came on, no one can ask for more then that he tries.
They have 10 days break for internationals and I hope that they can try to get back some of the spark we saw at the begining of the season. It must be hard to struggle week in week out.

Stats for last nights game:


Luis García; Aitor Nuñez (Ángel, 55’), Pablo Sicilia, Ezequiel Luna, Bellvis; Richi, Mikel; Juanlu Hens (Ricardo León, 80’), Alfaro; Omar Ramos & Dinei (Nino, 55’).

Yoel; Vasco Fernández, Noguerol, Túñez, Botelho; Bustos; Saulo, Trashorras (Michu, 53’), Joselu, Aarón (Dani Ábalo, 42’) & Saulo (Hugo Mallo, 70’).

Carlos Delgado Ferreiro, from the Basque region. Sent of with double yellow Vasco Fernández, (73’ y 77’),in both cases for a bad foul on Omar. Yellow for the visitor Trashorras (51’),

0-1: (84’) Danilo, Straight kick at goal.

Game was part of the sixteenths round of the Copa SM El Rey, played in Heliodoro Rodríguez López Stadium. 13.328 spectators,in a chilly afternoon with light rain during some phases of the game.

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