Can't have Monday blues if we are second.

It seems wrong to have the blues if the team are second. We were lucky yesterday, the team didn't do well but neither did any of the other teams at the top so we are still second.

Game notes

CD TENERIFE                      1 (0)

REAL MADRID CASTILLA: Jesús Fernández; Carvajal, Casado, Nacho Fernández, Iván González; Mandi, Juanfran, Alex Fernández (Omar, 80’), Jesé Rodríguez (Lucas, 80’); Joselu & Morata (Merchán, 70’).

CD TENERIFE: Sergio Aragoneses; Cristóbal, Medina, Tarantino, Jonay; Kitoko, Marcos Rodríguez (Zazo, 68’); Perona (Germán, 85’), Víctor Bravo (Nico, 58’), Ferrán Tacón; & Kiko Ratón. 

REFEREE: Antonio Santos, from Andalcia. Yellow card for local player Carvalaj; and for the visitors Marcos, Tarantino, Kitoko, Jonay, Ratón & Tacón.

GOALS: 1-0: (27’) Joselu, from a penalty. 2-0: (47’) Morata, after a shot by Juanfra. 3-0: (57’) Joselu finished a counter attack. 3-1: (79’) Zazo, from a free kick.

INCIDENTS: The match was played in the Alfredo Di Stéfano stadium. The grass was in good condition and it was a warm morning, with approx 1500 spectators of which 150 were blue and white CD Tenerife fans. The club president Miguel Concepción, was in the stand.

Comments from the players included: Zazo: “The referee wasn't much help with several decisions. The 2-0 came very quickly and was a hard thing to bear. After the break we came out with the plan to change the dynamics.. When you come in off the bench you hope you can help the team".

 Marcos: “We had a good plan which up to the 1-0 was going well but that goal changed everything. You can still learn from experiences like this. I am not convinced this was a yellow card. We went out to try but sometimes things don't work. We need to shoot more at the goal". Tarantino: “This was a painful loss because we had high hopes for the game. It was complicated and we fought hard. Once you are at a disadvantage it is always complicated to come back and more so if we are talking about an opponent like Castilla".
 Kitoko: “We feel bad with the loss. After the pause we came back out ready to fight. We tried until the end and we looked to change the game. The penalty was important and it wasn't an intentional action. We were unlucky”.
 Jonay: “After the penalty we went all out for the game, leaving spaces and they made the most of this. After the 3-0, we reacted well but we should have done this before. The team is still doing well, we know there are things to do and we need to work hard. These losses need to be looked at and mistakes corrected. We hope to do better against La Roda".

 The team returned home on Sunday evening and train today and rest Tuesday.

The coach Calderon in his press conference stated, "we were playing well up to the first goal. The penalty was a tough call and in the last week there has been talk about how badly Madrid have been treated by the referees. Castilla were enthused by the goal and went from strength to strength".

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