Win against Rayo Vallecano B

They say another day another dollar but here it is another game another win, for home games at least. Rayo B are probably the best team we have seen here in Tenerife this season. They fought hard but never really looked like they were going to score. I felt sorry for Luna as on the pitch it really didn't look like a penalty but having seen the replay I can't see how we can fight this with the federation. So he won't be playing next weekend. We are away to San Sebastian de los Reyes, they are a local team on the outskirts of Madrid. I wish I could make it but as we are going to Toledo I really can't justify going. There will be a good crowd as the university students are close enough to reach there and they don't need to walk miles when they reach the other end as they did for the RM Castilla game. There were just over 9,00 people in the stadium but even so there was a good atmosphere with the two main fan group singing to each other. The Frente Blanquiazul had a great display for the Canarian flag day with small papers which were the right colours across their area so this formed the flag.

  Game notes



Sergio Aragoneses; Cristóbal, Tarantino (Jonay, 55’), Medina, Luna; Zazo, Kitoko, Chechu (Bravo, 55’), Ferrán Tacón; Perona & Kiko Ratón (Marcos, 61’).

Ismael; Aitor (Owusu, 84’), Villarejo, Alcañiz, Guadaño; Diego, Alberto, Sáez (Mata, 61’) Nono; Rayco & Dani (Álvaro Martín, 80’).

Carlos López, from Castilla-La Mancha. Sent off local player Luna (59’), with a direct red card; and visiting coach, Jimeno. Yellow cards for local players Cristóbal, Medina & Calderón; and visitors Aitor Núñez, Guadaño, Sáez, Diego & Mata.

1-0: (26’) Perona, from a penalty. 2-0: (58’) Bravo,taking advantage of the ball. 2-1: (60’) Rayco, from a penalty. 3-1: (82’) Víctor Bravo, from a pass by Ferrán Tacón.

Played in the Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez with the grounds in good condition on a warm morning with 9.343 spectators.  One minutes silence was kept in memory of Andrés Gómez “Cuco”, ex-keeper for CD Tenerife.

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