UD Sanse v CD Tenerife 0-0

I have seen fields with cattle on them in better condition that the pitch in San Sebastian de los Reyes at the end of the match yesterday. I am not sure what the difficulty is with the pitch but it needs work. Maybe this is a plan to manage to win their home games as if you are not used to a pitch like that you would struggle to play there. That said we didn't have many chances, an early shot at goal by Zazo was the best chance we had. Although Kiko tried everything nothing seemed to turn out right and finally not long before the end of the game Antonio Calderon, the blue and white coach took him off exhausted. Sergio Aragoneses again had a great save and with the exception of the penalty has not received a goal for 3 games.


CD TENERIFE:                                          0 (0)

UD SAN SEBASTIÁN DE LOS REYES: Miguel Ángel; Edu Ruiz, Castañera, Martín Vaquero, Iñaki; Biendi (Jairo, 92’), Vázquez, Héctor, José Luis; Portilla (Duque, 74’) & Felipe Cortés (Moreno, 87’).

CD TENERIFE: Sergio Aragoneses; Cristóbal, Tarantino, Medina, Ayoze; Zazo, Kitoko, Chechu (Marcos, 84’), Ferrán Tacón; Perona (Víctor Bravo, 69’) & Kiko Ratón (Nico, 77’).

REFEREE: Sales Montero, from Cataluyna. Yellow card for local players Héctor, Castañera, Vázquez & Miguel Ángel; and for visitors David Medina, Kiko Ratón & Ferrán Tacón.

GOALS: None.

INCIDENTS: Played in the Nuevo Matapiñonera. With grounds in terrible condition. On a warm sunny morning, with approx. 1000 spectators of which about 150 were CD Tenerife supporters, many of whom were from the fan group, Frente Blanquiazul. Present in the stadium was CD Tenerife president, Miguel Concepción.

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