Thursday round up

Tickets will go on sale for the CD Tenerife v Rayo Vallecano B game from Saturday the 22nd of October from 10am to 1pm. and on Sunday from 10 am until the start of the game at 12.00. The team trained Wednesday and all were fit except Ruben Rosquete, Pablo Sicilia and Jesus Alvarez. Also present from the second team were Dani Mederos and Roberto. Thursday training was in the Heliodoro and the additional players were Alberto, Jairo & Sandro from the B team. Pablo Sicilia, Jesús Álvaro and Rubén Rosquete trained separately again. Pablo is now beginning to train with a ball. This week players interviewed included Marcos Rodríguez who was asked about the distance achieved by rival teams. He replied, “The competition has just started and although some teams have had positive results we need to stay calm and think about our games”. Richie Kitoko talked about how he was looking forward to “Sunday” to compete against Rayo Vallecano B: “Like all my colleagues, we want the game to come so we can correct our mistakes”. Ferran Tacon commented that the squad “want to make the point we won in La Roda count by winning at home”. He continued, “we want to make the fans happy. Rayo Vallecano B will make things difficult for us but we need to control the game and play the way we want to. I think the game will be open, with both teams trying to control the ball”. Christobal Juncal spoke of the match too, “Playing at home, where we are strong means we can win the three points. We are all aware that we can't let these points go. We are fed up with only gaining one point in the last 2 games. But the world didn't end with those games and we need to play from match to match. Just thinking about the next game. We need to go out and try hard against Rayo Vallecano B and see if we can make the results work for us”. Aitor Nuñez who really didn't play for CD Tenerife in the two years he was with the club is now playing for Rayo B and talked on the radio this week about how he now feels he should have put himself forward more. Especially last year when the results were so awful.

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