Let me tell you why I like Monday

This could become adictive. I like the Monday morning we won feeling especially after a 3-0 win. The game yesterday could be divided into 2 parts. At no time did Montaneros look like they were going to score. They are a little team and yesterday it showed that we certainly are not a little team. The team came out of the field in the first half with a need to win that showed from Sergio all the way forward to Kiko Raton.


 CD TENERIFE Sergio Aragoneses; Cristóbal, Medina, Tarantino, Jonay; Kitoko, Marcos Rodríguez; Perona (Rosquete, 72’), Víctor Bravo (Nico, 61’), Ferrán Tacón; & Kiko Ratón (Zazo, 90’).

 MONTAÑEROS CF Rafa; Ángel Luis, Raúl Lozano, Capi (Cubas, 72’), Dopico; Tetteh, Iago (Moisés, 40’), Herbert, Romay; Jimmy (Cano, 53’); & Rubén Rivera.

 REFEREE Miguel Ángel Ortiz, from Madrid. Yellow card for local player Tarantino.

 GOALS 1-0: (7’) Ferrán Tacón, from a pass by Cristóbal. 2-0: (21’) Kitoko, after he took the ball in midfield. 3-0: (88’) Ratón, with a header.

 INCIDENTS Played in the Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez stadium. The grass was in a reasonable state, although it could have been better. It was a hot sticky morning, with 9.241 spectators.

 The game was much better than previous games, although it still leaves something to be desired as far as some of the fans are concerned. Again in the second half there was some whistling as the fans were not too happy with how the blue and whites were playing. Antonio Calderón had promised after the loss against Getafe B that the team would get better. One of the differences was that Kitoko played in midfield, making a new design with three other midfielders. (Perona on the right, Víctor Bravo in the middle and Ferrán Tacón on the left) with Richi behind them. Meanwhile Montañeros decided on a 4-4-1-1 play style with Rivera as single midfielder and a strong defense. This didn't help them when in minute 6 Cristobal played the ball into the goal area and Ferrán Tacón started the scoring with a kick into the goal. This goal allowed the blue and whites to be calm and hold possession whilst they played tha ball. They had various chances and the 2-0 arrived with a shot by Kitoko. The player retrieved the ball in mid-field and took it all the way up the pitch with no oposition up to the edge of the area where he shot at goal and the ball hit one of the defenders and shot into the gaol. From there the CD Tenerife team took more control of the game. Aragoneses, who in the first half nearly didn't see the ball saw a shot at goal by Rivera (66’). And for some time Tenerife had trouble to keep the ball in their care. Montaneros continually tried to fight back and take possession. After an hour the fans were a little stressed and Calderon reacted bringing on Nico & Rosquete, though the game didn't improve. The driving force in the team seemed to be Ferran Tacon. In spite of everything the game was very much under CD Tenerife control and continued quietly on. In the final minutes Kiko Raton managed to score the definitive 3-0 with a header from a corner.

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