Wednesday round up -

La Roda – CD Tenerife are preparing for the first time in the clubs history to play La Roda on Sunday. The team which is based in the town La Roda in the countryside near Albacete was founded in 1999. The team worked their way up the leagues and were promoted to 2B this season after three attempts at the playoffs.

It has been generally announced in the press that Club President has authorized the signing of two players either before the winter break if they can be found or in the winter window. There are rumours again about N'gal but as there are rumours every year about this player I am not sure how serious they are.

 In reverse the website www.tenerifedeportivo.com has an article about the interest Recreativo de Huelva have in youth player Abel from Fuerteventura. He still has until the end of this year on his contract which would mean after January he could negotiate with Recreativo. The player has a B contract and this last weekend actually played for the B team against La Laguna.

The club took part in the sales area Exposaldo from Thursday to Monday and their stand was manned by members of the fan club Sentimiento Blanquiazul.

The team were due to train this afternoon but due to the yellow alert this has been cancelled by coach Antonio Calderon and they are due to train again tomorrow Thursday in the El Mundialito grounds. Rubén Rosquete & Pablo Sicilia were the only two players who didn't take part in the full session. I was able to talk to Pablo last week and he hopes to be back training in full with in a month and fit to play by the end of November. Chechu Flores seems finally to be fit and lets hope he is able to take part in a full match soon.

 He was one of the two players interviewed today and commented, “I wasn't in any pain today and I am optimistic I will be fit to play on Sunday. I was to be able to play as I haven't been able to help the team before now. It is one of the worst things that can happen to a player”. He continued about Sunday's game saying, “La Roda are high up in the table for a reason. They are a tough team in their home ground and have lost very few points there. We are going to go all out to win but Tenerife is one of the rivals others really want to beat”.

 The other player interviewed was Ferran Tacon who started by saying, “ We are going to La Roda to win the three points. It will be good to forget the loss against Castilla and above all pick up our game. We will tough need to be careful with the team who have just beaten Castilla”. He talked about how it is always hard to beat a team in a small ground and stated, “We like games with atmosphere, it motivates us”. When asked about last weekends game in Valdebas against the Real Madrid B team his comments were interesting. “We have forgotten the loss but we have learnt from out mistakes. We need always to try to improve. We are not used to the opposing team scoring first and this weighed hard on us. The game against La Roda on Sunday will be different. We are going to play a concerted game in the Municipal stadium. We need to play hard from the beginning and play our own style of game”, he finished.

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