Monday happiness

Another happy Monday, this could become adictive. Although the win wasn't easy the CD Tenerife players held on in the second half whilst they were struggling to re-find their feet to keep the win and bring the three points home. Talking to friends last night the lookd at me in amazement as I tried to explain that this would not have been so important had we lost but the win was one of those which could trun the championship. When it comes to the end a win in Albacete could mean the difference between group winners or not. Spanish table position depends on how you played against each other not goal differences. (This was how we had little change to stay up even with a win against Valencia two seasons ago). Sergio Aragoneses was outstanding yesterday and there was no chance he could have seen the goal which finally went through defender Meji's legs. As ever our real weakness is our defence. Calderon said on Friday that Luna will have to fight to get back in the starting eleven but at least that means he has a chance if he wants to make it. The blue and white player seemed very down when interviewed by the press last week, he commented, "I have been mistaken, I should have been treated like everyone else". The players in Albacete were all pleased about the result. Nico: “We suffered to win but it was woth the effort". Taratino: “I think both teams had a better half. This was a victory we had to work for. We worked hard and at the end achieved the prize". Rosquete: “I am happy we managed a win against a direct rival. Their fans helped them especially after the goal. I am also pleased to have started for the team. I still haven't scored, I had a good chance in the first half but I didn't kick it right. I hope to keep playing". Víctor Bravo: “The team worked hard and suffered for the win, especially in the second half. No on thought we would win easily but we are going home happy". Chechu Flores: “This was an important game, above all coming after the draw at home against Conquense. We won this match in a difficult arena. When we lose the ball we suffer, which is why we were so much better in the first half then the second. I am still getting fit to be at the same level as the other players". David Medina: “We knew we would suffer, but the most important thing is winning the three points. The hand ball from Calle was so clear and a victory against Albacete, a direct rival, feels great” The game next Sunday is against Coruxo who are a little side and I hope last week's draw was a wake up call that all teams have to be fought and finished off. How many people do you think will be in the stadium. I would guess we will reach 11,000 but drop me a not to tell me what you think. Game Notes ALBACETE BALOMPIÉ 1 (0) CD TENERIFE 2 (2) ALBACETE BAOMPIÉ Campos; Alba, Zurdo, Santamaría, Noguerol; Miguel Núñez, Rocha (Colorado, 72’), Adriá, Tete; David Torres (Curto, 76’) & Calle. CD TENERIFE Sergio Aragoneses; Cristóbal, Medina, Tarantino, Jonay; Ferrán Tacón, Abel (Chechu Flores, 77’), Marcos Rodríguez, Víctor Bravo (Kitoko, 60’); Kiko Ratón & Rubén Rosquete (Nico, 69’). REFEREE David Gálvez Rascón, from Madrid. Sent off Albacete player Calle (89’), for a second yellow cardYellow card for local player Noguerol; and for visitors Víctor Bravo, David Medina, Rubén Rosquete & Marcos Rodríguez. GOALS 0-1: (23’) Kiko Ratón, with a hard kick. 0-2: (30’) Víctor Bravo, from a free kick. 1-2: (69’) Calle, after a visiting players mistake. INCIDENTS Played in the Carlos Belmontestadium. Grass was in good condition on a warm morning with approz 5,000 spectators. In the stands was CD Tenerife club president, Miguel Concepción.

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