CD Tenerife won another game.

Monday again and although it was not a good win still the team won and added three points to their total. The sad thing about the game was that the team was whistled at from about 15 minutes before the end of the game. The team were somewhat shocked with this but in some way I can see the fans point of view. The fans have seen two relegations one after another and have generally stood quietly and absorbed this. This year it seems that they will stand for nothing but continualy effort. The team with the goal just after half time and a man extra, realaxed and stood back. And the fans didn't like this.
The goal was scored by Ruben Rosquete who hasn't played in the Heliodoro with the first team for several years. He came on last week in Albacete and played well and the coach allowed him to start on Sunday. A young player who came up through the youth teams in Tenerife and  played for Murcia in 2 B last year. A team who went back up to 2A after only one season in semi-pro football. This means at least one player in the squad has seen a team go back up to 2A.
There were over 10,000 fans in the stadium supporting the team in the sun on a Sunday morning.

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