Storm in a teacup?

The local press was this morning full of how Luna was sent away from training yesterday early and after the session both Calderon and Cordero talked to him. Much was made of this event and what might happen in the future. This morning after todays training session Luna was one of the players interviewed, At this press event he stated he felt, "very comfortable, training well and helping my companions when it is not my turn to play. I think the coach is doing a great job. I hope to get the chance to play but I am not surprised that I don't play right now as the team have been winning. The important factor is the team and right now they have four wins and a draw. I need to keep working and correct my mistakes. It is normal that once you lose your place in the team that it is hard to make a space later. This happens everywhere. Added to this there are only 16 places and some very good players. I need to wait for my chances and try to make the most of them". The other player interviewed was Ferran Tacon, the Catalan midfielder talked about the game last weekend saying, "We need to hold on to the first 70 minutes and ask ourselves what happened in the last 20 minutes of the game. To repeat the things we did well and correct the mistakes we made towards the end of the match". He then continued talking about the team, "We need to play better and know that even if the score is in our favor we need to fight on. We need to hold onto the first half in Albacete and the 70 minutes at home against Coruxo" he added.To finish Ferran Tacon talked about the game this Saturday against Getafe B, "They are a team who try to play well, the play the gball and make the most of their chances. The chance to play in the Coliseo is an advantage for us and I hope the game will go our way. We need to keep winning".

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