First Draw of the season. 1-1 against Conquense

Monday morning and although the team only managed a draw they are right now group leaders.

In a game that lacked spark, the players tried all they could. The referee wasn't as accurate as could be desired but everyone keeps reminding me this is 2B. (I have seen better referees in a lowest level regional match).
The team had chances to score, in the first ten minutes Meji and Tacon  had chances and so it went on. Richi Kitoko wasn't at his best and Conquense's goal came from a mistake he made. German came on for Perona who was injured in the first half and he too didn't have the best of games.
Coach Antonio Calderon talked about how the team hadn't been accurate, he reminded that they played the cup game on Wednesday and were somewhat tired. He continued saying, "we wanted to move the bal forward fast but that isn't our game. We need to move the ball around and wait for chances". Again he thanked the fans repeating his comments from the last game, "we need to thank the fans . They helped us the whole game and this made things much more difficult for our rival".
Once more the stadium had more fans than any in our group and only Betis B had a bigger gate which I would put down to the facts that theirs was a derby against Sevilla B and the first team were not playing.
The players interviewed included Marcos  Rodriguez who talked about the group, how they worked well together and although they have made mistakes they had worked hard. German said, "Two points escaped here today but the team worked hard". Kiko Raton who scored his first offical goal of the season have stated he was, "not happy.We come losing in the cup and hoped tomake the fans happy. Looking at everything the point isn't bad and it is a shame that when I finally score it doesn't help the team".

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