No Monday blues today

In theory a loss Saturday should make this a sad Monday but we are still at the top of the table and things are still looking good. 2 B was never going to be a walk in the park. CD Tenerife has changed nearly all their players and their coach. Whether this was the right decision or not only time will tell. The players was inevitable as they were not affordable and as CDT had been at least in the 2A league for the last 25 years there was no addition in their contract for what they would be paid if the team were relegated. As for the coach, I am not sure if the discussion helps. When Amaral was sacked there were fans who felt it was the right decision and some who didn't. That's the way opinions go. Sergio Aragoneses said yesterday on the club website, "There is a lot of pressure and you need to be able to take this". Lets hope he will help the other players take this responsibility. A player who has been present for two promotion years with CD Tenerife can surely make the difference and lead the other players through the stress this year may bring. Comments on the game on Saturday included Calderon: “We started well, although we didn't create many chances. We could have scored with the penalty, and then they did just that. In the second half we didn't find our way. We were missing something. We didn't give our rival any difficulties but also they gave us no problems". Ferrán Tacón: “This Sunday we need to show another side of the team and play differently to today". David Medina: “We are sad, but we need to hold onto the good things. We played properly and were a good side. We didn't score from the penalty but the team kept trying. The group wants to play well and hope to win the next game". Kiko Raton: “Sometimes help isn't there and things don't go your way. The stress of needing to win sometimes means you can't move the ball out of mid-field. We need to correct our mistakes and move forward. In spite of losing we played better than other games". Abel: “We are sad as we lost but now we need to think about the next game. A draw would have been fairer. In football the little things make a difference. they scored from their penalty and we didn't. I wasn't very good neither with the ball nor when our opponents had the ball. I am going to keep working so the coach will have faith in me". Perhaps the photo of the weekend was Mana Singer in a CD Tenerife shirt at the concert Saturday night in The Heliodoro stadium. The grass was apparently well protected and there is expected to be no problem with the pitch for the game this Sunday.
All the youth teams who played at the weekend all managed to gain points: Third División CD Tenerife B-Atl. Victoria 2-2 División H. Juvenile Puerto Cruz-CD Tenerife 1-1 Juvenil Preferente CD Tenerife B-Ofra 3-0 Cadete A Juv. Laguna-CD Tenerife 0-6 Cadete B Tegueste-CD Tenerife B 1-16 Infantil A CD Tenerife-Unión la Paz B 22-0 Infantil B Victoria B-CD Tenerife B SUSP Alevín A - -

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