On the Spanish main...land

The team travelled yesterday, Friday as it was presumed that Albacete would ask for the game to be played on Saturday afternoon as their main fiesta is this weekend. But they didn't, so the game will, as planned, be played Sunday morning at 11am (10 am Canarian and UK time). Many Albacete fans have mentioned on their forums that they will be going to the match straight from the fiesta so there could be an interesting if alcoholic atmosphere. CD Tenerife trained Friday afternoon and this morning in Las Rozas the Spanish national training ground in Madrid. The only player who didn't take part in the full training session was Jorge Perona who is still recovering from injury. On his twitter account today he thanked everyone for their help in his recovery but says it wasn't to be so I guess he won't be playing. Ruben Rosquete is with the squad for the first time this season and it looks like he might get a few minutes play. Coach Calderon said Thursday in his weekly interview, "we are still trying things, including one forward as Perona may not play but the squads identity is to play with two forwards". When asked about the long weekend away, travelling Friday and returning Monday he commented "It wasn't what we expected but as a time to get used to the mainland it has fallen well. We knew there were fiestas in Albacete". When asked about Albacete who he coached last season he replied, "I have a lot of friends there but life takes you different places. This is a new stage in my life and theirs. Both team have started the season well". He continued, "we are playing to win. I am not so worried about our position in the table. Against Conquense we were missing organisation and didn't have a good time, we need to go out and recover our identity. This will be a tough game but we have the weapons to fight Albacete.". Interviewed today on the way to Albacete was CD Tenerife defender Cristobal. He was asked about the game tomorrow when he described the team as, "very involved, we know what we need to do to win the three points. The group is convinced we can do this and bring home a win". When asked what he though was the most important point to win the game he replied, "we need not to let in any goals. If the defence is coherent then the forwards can play to win". He was then asked if he felt the teams position in the table was an advantage or a disadvantage. To which he answered, "It is too early to count, the table will change a lot before it is important, still being on top is a great feeling". He finished talking about how he saw his performance so far this season saying, "This is an adaptation time. Right now we are getting to know each other and we still have a lot of work to go in the style of play etc... the team will improve".

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